“When the time is right … we’ll do anything.” Ludacris

As we all know, the printing and graphics industry is in flux.  The ways to deliver a message seem almost insurmountable to grasp.  In addition to regular direct mail, there’s email, texting, QR codes and the plethora of social media vehicles – including those tell everybody where you’re at like Foursquare.

And with variable data printing, we can tailor the message by customizing text, imagery and even format.

But in this mad rush to deliver the “message,”  there’s one thing that seems it’s not getting the attention it should.

How many of us are actually giving “timing” its due.  All the customization, personalized and delivery manipulation really doesn’t mean anything if the message isn’t getting to the target when the target is ready to act.  We can only persuade so much.  How many people are going act on a marketing piece, however it’s delivered and whatever it looks like, if the timing is off.

A reactivation piece needs to delivered when the target hasn’t been around recently.  A birthday card has to hit around a person’s birthday.  And a piece announcing a good deal on a product has to be sent when your client gets a good deal on the product from its supplier.

I guarantee I can launch a campaign using only my $100 ink jet printer that will out perform anything out there if I dissect the timing issue.  If I could only have one variable at my disposal … it would be timing.

As a marketer – are you paying attention to this as much as you should?

Just remember what Ludacris said:

“When the time is right … we’ll do anything.”


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~ by Clay Forsberg on September 3, 2010.

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