Marketing is easy …

Marketing is easy.  Let me break it down.

Part One:

  • Identity your prospects and get  information on them.
  • Using your information you got, market to your prospects accordingly.
  • Once your prospect turns into a customer … get them to buy again using new information you got on them.

Part Two:

  • Send your target the right message.  If they’re a plumber, then send them stuff about plumbing.  And personally, I don’t want advertising on feminine protection.
  • Send the message in the right form.  Make your message look good and reflect what you’re trying to get them to buy or do.  Example – use an image of a red Mustang for a follow-up piece if they they looked at red Mustang.
  • Send the message via right vehicle.  Promote your wares on Facebook, not in a newspaper circular, if your target is twenty years old.  And believe it or not, not all AARP members use Twitter 😉
  • Send your message out when the timing is right.  People are like animals.  You praise them immediately after they’ve done something right, not a week later.  And on that note, a trade show follow-up should be sent when the prospect still remembers if they even went to the trade show.  You think?

End of class.


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~ by Clay Forsberg on September 8, 2010.

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