Creating your own “ULTIMATE Customer Experience”

What are you doing to create “the ULTIMATE Customer Experience” for your clientele?  Do you do anything that shows that you that you care about them once they’ve left your store?

  • If you haven’t seen them in a while … do try to find out why and give them a good reason to come back in?
  • If you get a good deal on something that they normally buy … do you make sure they know about it and pass that deal down to them?
  • Do even pay any attention to what they buy … let alone make an attempt not to bombard them with irrelevant advertising?
  • If you do focus your marketing appropriately … do you send it to them in a medium that they prefer – such text or email, or maybe even Twitter?

Creating the “ULTIMATE Customer Experience” is about knowing you and your firm has been chosen by your clientele.  You have chosen to receive their money and chosen to receive their time and attention.  But these choices will be temporary if you take them for granted.  In this economic climate, conducting business as before … is conducting no business at all.

The bleedingEDGE is empowers small and medium sized business in their customer loyalty efforts.  We give you the opportunity to create your own “ULTIMATE Customer Experience.”  We let you choose between multiple “elements” to use in structuring your experience.  Whether it’s direct mail or via email, text and even Twitter, our marketing elements act as your sales staff  … only without the intrusion of a call or a visit.  Every correspondence is customized to your firm, personalized (copy and imagery) to your customers, sent out in the demographically appropriate medium and timed to produce the ultimate experience for your customers – and in turn optimum response. And best of all, it’s all done automatically.  Once you’re set up … everything just runs.
Take a look at our Roster of Elements to see some of the tools at your disposal to create an “Ultimate Customer Experience” marketing effort to connect with your customers and gain their loyalty. Please also take a look at the bleedingEDGE Blog.  And better yet … comment on our thoughts concerning connecting with your customers.
Any time you want, we can help you create a sample marketing mixture specifically designer for your firm.  It’s all done on online.  Just call or email and we’ll give you a link to get started.
We are also looking for marketing firms and digital printers to collaborate with.  We have a few exclusive opportunities available in select geographic locations around the United States.
Clay Forsberg

Twitter:  @variable_edge


One Response to “Creating your own “ULTIMATE Customer Experience””

  1. Very interesting, thanks for the post clay.

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