Turn prospects into customers
The first of our programs sets “turns prospects into customers.”  For example, a prospect that visited your firm would be sent a marketing piece featuring the exact product or service they inquired about, whether a car or a computer – and it would all be done automatically and would be sent out the next day by us.
Bring customers back for more
Our second set concentrates on getting your customers to come back.  Imagine someone recently purchased a beach chair.  They would automatically be sent a piece featuring a beach towel.  Or if customer hadn’t visited you, in say, three months – they would be sent a “we miss you piece.”
Everything is set up ahead of time
We have sixteen 1 to 1 data base marketing programs designed for specific situations – already set up and programmed.  And every one of them is customized to your firm.  The best part, however, is once you activate a program – it works automatically.  All you do is enter the data and watch the results.
The process begins with determining the programs that will help your firm get to where you want it to go.  We will sit down, talk and gather information.  From here, we uncover where you are now, where you want to go and what we can do to get you there.  We help you “connect the dots” and “fill in the blanks.”  Then we take our programs and customize them to your firm.
Every piece you send out, whether mail or email is specific to the the person receiving the piece – personalized.  If the piece is a follow-up to a conversation or a visit, the content will reflect the product they showed interest in, what happened in the meeting and include information specific to person they talked to.
Everything is sent out when it should be to maximize its effectiveness.  We fulfill everyday.  A birthday card will go out a week before their birthday and a “we miss you” is sent out according to your specifications.
Multiple delivery option
The bleedingEDGE clients will not only be able to communicate with their customers via direct mail, but also electronically.  Electronic delivery options available include email, variable texting and even in the near future communication through automated Twitter delivery.
If you have any input on any additional features you believe would enhance the our system … please call.  We are always open for collaboration.  Call me, Clay Forsberg, at 406-696-2820 or email at clay@the-bleedingEDGE.net.

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