Collaboration opportunites

The bleedingEDGE “closes the chasm” between the opportunity of 1:1 data base marketing and small and medium sized businesses.  Our programs, whether mail or electronic, act like a sales staff following up … only without the intrusion of a call or a visit.  Every piece is customized to the firm sending it out, personalized (copy and imagery) to the recipient and timed to produce optimum response.  Take a look at our templated, automated program roster.


The bleedingEDGE is always looking for qualified firms to partner with.  If you are a digital printer with variable data capabilities and have a sales staff that is ready to embrace a new, on-going profit center by incorporating the bleedingEDGE data base marketing system … then I want to talk to you.  Call me at 406-696-2820 or email at

Clay Forsberg


Components of the bleedingEDGE partnership

–  Marketing strategy
This is the foundation of our relationship.  It will enable your firm to take full advantage of the bleedingEDGE by “walking the walk” as you would expect your clients to do.
–  Collateral creation
We all know that creating your own promotional material is the hardest thing you can do and often goes undone.  We will work with you to develop database oriented material.
–  Technical / programming assistance
We have developed the basics but we still need to work together to refine and customize the the bleedingEDGE to achieve the best results for you.
–  Sales training
Your sales staff is conditioned to sell a product – printing.  Now, to succeed, they will have to act more like marketing consultants for their clients to sell 1:1 database marketing solutions.
–  Recruiting
You may have the right staff for your current business model, but do you have the people that will take you where you want to go if you embrace 1:1 solutions?


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