Roster of Elements

“Exhibit on steroids”
Trade show follow-up
The biggest hindrance to trade show success is not booth design or even the show itself.  It’s the lack follow-up after the show.  Your “Exhibit on steroids” gives you an immediate automated follow-up program featuring the product or service your prospect was interested in.
“Exhibit on steroids – full dose”
Trade show pre and post mailings
Sometimes, just waiting for random trade show traffic isn’t enough.  “Exhibit on steroids – full dose” incorporates an automated follow-up program along with a targeted pre-show mailing to prospective show attendees.
“You all come back now”
Generic follow-up
The biggest challenge in retail is combating the “walk-away problem.”  Once they leave without buying they seldom return.  “You all come back now” provides an immediate automated solution featuring the product or service they showed interest in.  It’s ideal in the automotive industry but will work in any retail setting.
“We’re not worthy”
Complaint response
Unhappy customers are most often avoided like the plague.  Just the opposite should be the case.  “We’re not worthy” gives you a custom response designed not only to pacify but to also take advantage of the situation with a TLC marketing approach.
“WOW, you must have been hungry”
Follow-up after large purchase
Big spenders like to be loved.  “WOW, you must have been hungry” does exactly that.  Customers who spend over a certain amount of money in one sitting are sent out a thank you note with an offer to buy more.
“Look forward to meeting you”
Meeting confirmation
Sales calls don’t do any good if they’re not productive.  Step one to getting things done is making sure the “other guy” is present not only physically, but also mentally.  “Look forward to getting together” lets you confirm a meeting and at the same time set an agenda – your agenda.
“Don’t forget the crickets”
Complimentary product reminder
Virtually every product has a complimentary product or service.  “Don’t forget the crickets” allows you to get repeat business by marketing these products or services directly, after the initial purchase,  by periodically featuring items that should be purchased on an ongoing basis.
“It’s that time of the year again”
Holiday offer
Seasonal products and services need be marketed at the right time.  A business can literally base its marketing around promotions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.  Why not have a personalized automated program that does just that?
“Haven’t seen you in a while”
Customer re-activation
It’s hard enough to get a customer, so the last thing you want to do is let them fade away.  With “We haven’t seen you in while,” you can automatically contact a customer who hasn’t patronized you lately (within a pre-determined time frame) with a re-activating “come back in” offer.
“Don’t be a Grinch”
Gift certificate solicitation
Holidays are often the biggest business opportunities of the year.  Take advantage of it by promoting YOUR business.  “Don’t be a Grinch” enables you to offer gift certificates or cards or whatever else you wish – all automatically.
“Happy Birthday”
Birthday program
Everybody wants to be acknowledged on their birthday – whether they admit it or not.  “Happy Birthday” gives you another opportunity to make an impression – whether it’s marketing or just appreciation.
“We got a great deal”
Bulk buy pass along
The key to business success is finding good deals and turning them over quickly.  Enable your company to jump on these deals by using “We got a great deal” to notify customers who can take advantage of your good fortune with  “pass along” savings.
“Help I’m expiring”
Warranty expiration notice
Once a warranty on a product expires, two opportunities arise.  Warranties can be extended or better yet, new products can be purchased.  “Help I’m expiring” automatically enables you to market the options together or separately.
“We would like to meet your friends”
Referral program
A company’s most valuable asset is their customers.  Maximize your assets by getting them to work for you by referring their friends.  “We would like to meet your friends” is an automated referral program allowing you to target who you want and when.
We just got this in”
New product announcement
Preferred customers, or any customers, like to be kept abreast of new products and services.  It makes them feel special.  “We just got this in” lets them “keep up with the Jones’” with an announcement that only they know about.
“Join the CLUB”
VIP Club program
Imagine being VIP at your favorite watering hole.  “Join the CLUB” lets you create exactly that for your customers.  Benefits of the “Club” can be anything you want and set however you want.  Every retail business should set up their own “Club.”
If you have any input on any additional programs you believe would enhance the our system … please call.  We are always open for collaboration.  Call me, Clay Forsberg, at 406-696-2820 or email at

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